Monday, October 16, 2017


Today I did something a little different in the spirit of Halloween!  Today I talk a little bit about the comic book magazine serialized in the 50s called CHAMBER OF CHILLS. This is a bit of a silly video for me, and hey maybe I'm not that funny LOL. I'm sure youtube will let me know how truly unhappy I am with the hate. HA!  Anyway if you like the video, please share on facebook and twitter and don't forget to follow me there!  

Friday, October 6, 2017

HAL-CON 2017 Interview with Gerhard (Cerebus)

Here is my interview with the amazing Gerhard of Cerebus, the longest running independent comic made by one team in history! We talk about the history of Cerebus, his work on Locust Moon’s Little Nemo tribute book, there’s even a cameo from Tony White and I learn how to properly pronounce things. There’s a little wookie trouble too! Check out his blog! There’s a pic of me there too LOL! Check out Gerhard’s work at