Friday, September 2, 2016

Some Thoughts on Snotgirl

Snotgirl debuted from talented Canadian Writer and former East Coast dweller, Brian Lee O'Malley published by Image Comics on July 20th. It was one of the first comics I have bought since making a commitment to clear my debt up this year. I bought both the first issue and the second which released two weeks ago.

It was not only the fact that the story is written by O'Malley, but the cover which drew me in. Leslie Hung's illustrations on this book are amazing. Yet I don't recall seeing her work anywhere previously. I did a random google search and turned up nothing in graphic novel form, but her website did show a sample of her own illustrated comic so it appears to me that she's fairly new to comics. Her work reminds me in part of manga and in part of 1950's illustrated advertising and pin-ups. It's very clever and sharp. It's perfectly on time. Snotgirl and all her associates in the book are beautiful and unique. How she managed to make a girl look gorgeous and sensual while dripping green gobs of snot from her nose.. well who knows.

I should probably explain what Snotgirl is all about. I wondered the same thing when I first grabbed it. As with many things, if it's a writer I like, and I like the artwork, I grab it whether I know the plot or not (unintentional rhyme). Like most everything I've read by O'Malley,

Snotgirl is full of inner monologue and yeah, she's a pretty loathsome character. She's vapid and shallow, completely caught up in her and yet completely relatable in how she criticizes herself. At least, I can relate to that. Snotgirl is a fashion journalist- uh actually a blogger, but a blogger with her own intern. Although she's a bit of guru and has been writing for nearly a decade (I recall?), she often feels she's undeserving of her success, and constantly fears being exposed or worse - outdone. She's Snotgirl because of her horrifying allergies (which no one knows about! Alterego).

Snotgirl is undone by a chance meeting of another fashion blogger. Someone she dubs Coolgirl and that's about all I'm gonna tell you because too much more and I'll spoil all the fun. If you haven't you really should check this out. Not only has O'Malley managed to create another charming character, completely full of flaws and realistic self doubt, but Leslie Hung's artwork is stunning and I do hope she continues to work in the industry.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Faith #2

Written by JODY HOUSER

This is the first review from me in ages!!  I thought I'd start with the second issue of the new ongoing Faith series from Valiant Comics. I read the first limited series run. I loved it. You can look back over the past year for past reviews.

Faith is an unconventional female superhero. In a world full of bikini models, she's a fresh breath of air. By day she's a journalist and when crime comes a calling, she's a psionic superhero! She battles the best the world of villainy has to offer. This issue sees her fighting her very first supervillain! 

Faith is an all ages adventure. I'd be lying if I didn't say I'd like to see a more adult version of the characters life but I think it's really important that todays youth have a chance to read about a character like Faith.

Faith's inner monologue is real. That's the first thing I notice when I read Faith comics. There's a lot of social commentary about body image and the way we view ourselves. However, its not directly attacking societal norms but attacking the stigma placed on women who's bodies don't fit that mold. It's not critisizing women for be thin either which is refreshing since it seems easiest to battle for fat acceptance by knocking others down. At least, this is something I observed on YouTube. Instead the issue promotes a mantra of self love and self acceptance for all. It doesn't push for rejection and I think that's a very important point. I'm very much looking forward to more Faith. 


Thursday, August 11, 2016

Exclusive Interview with Adam McGovern on AQUARIA of SAVAGE DRAGON

Please check out my FIRST video interview on my new YouTube channel! Don't forget to subscribe for more interviews! 

Monday, April 18, 2016

Dept H #1

The title of the comic looks like DEPTH but it's actually Dept H which means Department H. New York Times best selling creator Matt Kindt (Mind MGMT) teams up for this one with his wife Sharlene Kindt to bring this story of sabotage, murder and of course mystery.  Issue #1 hits the shelves April 20th. I read this last week and of course, I'm a little behind getting this article up.

You know I read this issue last week and I thought to myself, what lovely art. It's not particularly unique. It's not detailed and it doesn't look like it took years to put together but it has this charm. It's right up my alley really. It's soft and very indie in appearance. This is always charming to me. Anyway, the story itself as mentioned above is a murder mystery which is rooted in a traditional science fiction, under the sea adventure. Main character Mia must descend into Deptartment H to find out who murdered her father. She's surrounded by familiar faces and one of them is a murderer.

This really isn't a really riveting plot. It's a little mundane in my opinion. Maybe I'm just getting to the point where I find everything a little mundane in comics. Don't get me wrong, there are lots of amazing comics but they are hiding amidst all these sort of average type stories. However, just because the set up and initial plot line seems mundane, we don't know where it will go or what the actual story will end up being about. So I don't want to say this is guaranteed to be a mundane story. That would be misleading. I don't actually think that at all.

Dark Horse Comics promises strange sea creatures in this comic so I'm hopeful. I love strange sea creatures. If there are no strange sea creatures, I'm gonna write a scathingly angry email to Dark Horse lol. Sometimes write-ups and summaries written on Comic label sites are terribly misleading. They make the comic sound exciting of course and then don't deliver and sometimes they exaggerate things... like creatures. It annoys me. Don't promise me bizarre creatures and give me octopus. Octopus is not bizarre. I see those all the time.

At any rate, I didn't find this first issue "terrifyingly good" as Greg Rucha is quoted on the cover but maybe it's going to get there? Let's hope. I like Greg. I believe him.

Friday, April 15, 2016

My articles aren't really reviews... and that's okay.

Maybe I'm just getting really jaded with regards to comics (okay maybe I'm just getting jaded in general). I've found it difficult to write reviews lately. I want to talk about comics. I like talking about comics but I am tired of having to write an article that's either in favor of something or against it. Yet when I write something honestly, the outcome is usually wishy washy. It's not VERY GOOD or VERY BAD and that bothers people.  People want to hear that something is either really good or really bad. Extremes seem to make people happy in the review world. When I write something honestly, I get a lot of comments from people complaining that my position wasn't more positive or negative.

No I'm not upset that I'm getting criticism, I get that all the time from all kinds of places. If I was upset about criticism then I guess I just wouldn't do anything. I'm annoyed that people need things to always be so black and white. Even my position on most books I read, music I hear, it's rarely super positive. Yes there are things I adore, but there are plenty of things I don't feel passionate about in either direction.

Anyway, I guess my point is.. I'm going to continue to write articles about the comics I'm reading, and I'm not going to try and conform to some format that maybe appeals more to review readers? I'm just gonna write the same honest way I've always written. So there LOL.