Friday, July 3, 2015

The Spire #1

I've been anticipating this book for quite some time. Jeff Stokely does a great job of promoting his work and my twitter and facebook new feeds were constantly displaying beautiful images from the book. Gentle reminders to pre-order your copy. I can't stress how important it is that you support your favorite creators by pre-ordering their issues. I know sometimes I forget too but it shows demand, and drives sales. Often, it determines whether something goes to print a second time and it shows the label that an artist or writer are in demand. So, show your support!

I really didn't know much about the series until I read it. I knew it was a fantasy based story but I didn't realize that it's main character is a lesbian. I like this. Often in comics, female characters who are homosexual are generally drawn for a male audience. They are sexual objects to the men who read comics. Stokely's illustrations of Sha make her feel real. She's not objectified and has an actual partner. Even the most intimate scene is real and not gratuitously showing girl on girl action as if it's some porno. This I very much appreciate.

The story is easy to follow. A monarch dies and the thrown's successor is a woman who is very upset at the news of a recent murder within the lower rungs of the city. I wish I could tell you a little more about how the cities class system works. I'm sure there will be further explanation over time.

There's going to be eight issues in this series and I will definitely be grabbing all of them. Add it to your sub list now! Five stars for one of the most beautiful issues I've seen this year.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Tomorrows #1

The Tomorrows is making brave new waves in a sea of science fiction hellbent on sitting in the horror genre and space. A breath of fresh air against all the dystopian stories, this one focus' on the elimination of creative thought. A world where art is treated like a controlled substance. I got to interview Curt Pires about it earlier this year. Check out what he has to say about this mini series here!

I was delighted to know that resident Canadian Jason Copland (POP) was illustrating the first issue. Each issue, of which there will be four, is illustrated by a different artist. Issue two is illustrated by Alex Zirit (Space Riders) who I am also a big fan of.

Jason Copland's contribution to this series is phenomenal and colorist Adam Metcalfe suits the illustrations perfectly. I've said it before but I'll say it again - I feel like Jason's work has this vintage, timelessness to it. Sounds like a bit of a conundrum but I feel like a lot of that 1950s feel has stepped into timelessness. Maybe it's just the lack of cellphones lol! JOKING. But it really is gorgeous. I'm so thrilled Dark Horse has such good taste.

The story is centering around a group known as The Tomorrows who are militantly fighting for freedom of creativity and thought. They fight against giant corporations who now run everything. With corporations like Facebook, they've used our identities against us and thus can monitor our creative output. That, and the head-hauncho is a sadistic, hedonist apparently. I kinda like him.

All in all, I'm pretty happy with this beginning. It's solid, intriguing and full of witty references to things from well- our century (who is apparently also to blame for the theft of the creativity in the future i.e. fucking around on social media). So in the end, with all things considered I give it a solid five stars. Great art and lots of action and adventure.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Exclusive Interview with Juan Ferreyra on Colder: Toss the Bones!

I really enjoy the Colder series and I got really excited when I learned there would be a third story arc! Juan Ferreyra has been haunting the pages of the comic book, bringing nightmare to substance in these chilling tales. He's created unique, creepy ghouls that keep me coming back for more. Whether it be finger monsters or straight-up gore, I know I'm never going to be disappointed by a single issue. I got to ask Juan a few questions about the upcoming story arc, slated to debut this fall (September to be precise!).

TFQ: In the last story arc, Colder: Bad Seed the reader followed Declan into an unseen world. Can you give me any hints on where the next chapter of Colder will take us?

Juan: Colder will take us deeper into the Hungry world, they seem to return to that damn place all the time, This time Declan will try to find a way to stop the traveling , even if means to let himself die.

TFQ: How many issues should we expect from the third installment?

Juan: Is another 5 issues and the last issues, the story finished in this third volume. One of the things I love about Colder are the crazy ghouls! 

TFQ: What sort of ghouls are we going to be seeing this time around!

Juan: Nimble Jack in the first issue has a new horrific friend that likes to travel with him around. And probably a some new monsters that I haven’t designed yet! 

TFQ: Can you tell me a bit about what inspires the physical appearance of the devilish creatures and demons of Colder?

Juan: I tried to have normal things, relatable things and mixed them up to come up with weird twisted creatures.. In Colder vol 1, I took arms and use them in different ways, I took eyes and used them as well, in Vol 2 I sued fingers to create creatures, in Vol 3 we’ll see pigeons, fingers, arms, eyes, bones, legs, teeth, dogs, all mixing up!

TFQ: Can I ask you what your upcoming projects are?

I'm working On Gotham By midnight right now, for DC comics, with Ray Fawkes writing, my first issue #6 came out this past WednesdayI'm also doing cover for New Suicide squad for DC and finishing COLDER:Toss the Bones. After that I still don't know what will I do. I'll be doing some concept art for a couple of movies and a TV series too.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

E is for Extinction #1

I'm trying to recall if I have actually read anything written by Chris Burnham. Actual scripting, I'm familiar with his artwork but have I actually read anything he's written? This can't be his first is it? Yet when I search for relevant work I can only find pieces he's been accredited as illustrator. At any rate, I actually liked his writing style. It was kinda loose and wild. It had the appropriate silliness of any insane X-story and wasn't wrought with drama and panels of concerned looks. You know what I'm talking about.

Actually speaking of the artwork, I love it. It's so not your typical X-comic with perfect bodies. The fact that Scott Summer and Emma Frost are aged is actually pretty awesome while none of the new mutants are bodacious super models, also pretty awesome. In fact, in this world you almost get more attention by wearing your muty face proudly. It's like the more mutated you are on the outside, the more popular you are. Kinda. Getting back to the point, I really love this art. I haven't really seen his work before but he apparently had done a run of Young Avengers around this time last year. I'm putting Ramon Villalobos on my radar as someone to watch.

I dug into the limited reaches of the Marvel website to see if they would tell me how many issues this mini series is supposed to be. All I could dig up was that the second issue is out July 8th. I sort of feel like this is just a two parter although if it ends up being a bit longer, I won't mind ;)


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Neverboy #5

This is such a strange story but it feels so familiar. It reminds me a lot of some old Sandman stories. Partially due to Tyler Jenkins artwork which has this timeless quality that I feel when I'm reading old Sandman stories. It's actually how Jenkins draws his characters that remind me of a couple sandman stories actually, it's not at all the content of THIS particular story which yes granted would fit well in the Sandman universe considering imaginary characters are entering the real world...

So this issue of Neverboy is out July 1st. I read it last night and I really feel like this issue is the best of them yet. You get a much clearer picture of what is going on, not to mention the motivations of crazy artist Julian Drag as he destroys the world of imagination. Also, it should be mentioned that Fantasy Girl is adorable and I would cosplay her if she wasn't already, kind of a character in cosplay.

Sadly Neverboy ends next month with the final issue. I hate when I fall in love with something and it ends so quickly but it's better than carrying on forever and becoming unreadable...*coughTheWalkingDeadcough* (sorry about that, there's a reason I'm two issues behind..). I really want to get my hands on more of Jenkin's work. I hope his next project is as pleasing to me as this one.

Royal Jelly: June 24th 2015

Annihilator #6
E is for Extinction #1
Fade Out #7
Rasputin #6
Spread #8
The Walking Dead 143
UFOlogy #3

Rumble Vol 1

Russian Olive to Red King

We finally get to read the end of Annihilator. It feels like it's been months since I read issue five. When I look back, it has been months! Whole shit Grant Morrison? What you're issue with this issue? Oh well... I guess you're kinda busy. All is forgiven but not forgotten and just like that, another mini series comes to an end. Yet, where one disappears from the comic book limelight and lives on mostly through the minds of people who actually read the singles as they were released, another series pops up...

This week's new recommended series is E for Extinction. You probably remember the original from 2001 (??is memory serves, I'm too lazy to google that). It featured Grant Morrison and the amazing Frank Quitely (I'm amazing we're not still waiting on the end of that feature). This rendition is told by Chris Burnham who has been quite busy recently with Grant Morrison on the Image title Nameless.

Ramon Villalobos' artwork is what made this climb into my pull list. This story promises to tell us what the X-Men have to face in a reality where being an a mutant is admired and not feared. In fact, it's something to aspire to. Sounds like my reality really. I could go for some muty powers. 

Riley Rossmo's beautiful Image series Rasputin returns. It's probably one of the most beautiful mythic-fictional stories out there. It took a brief hiatus when the Trade Paper came out last month and Riley has been super busy illustrating the new Hellblazer series but he's assured me that he has time for everything and no project will be back-burnered! I'm really happy Resputin is back so soon! That guy just won't die.

Speaking of awesome Image comics, Spread continues to tell the tale of soft spoken hero No as he attempts to flee the red alien threat known only as The Spread. Until recently the series was illustrated fully by Kyle Strahm but now Felipe Sobreiro has taken up the gig and I'm actually really happy about this despite how much I really liked Strahm's work. It's actually a pretty kickass change. The last issue was intense and I can't wait to see where this is going. 

Let me not forget to announce the release of my favorite series FIRST TRADE! Volume 1 of Rumble is available today! GO GET IT! 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Age of Reptiles: Ancient Egyptians #2

Writer and illustrator Ricardo Delgado started Age of Reptiles a few years back. Darkhorse put it out and it due to it's success they've subsequently released a few more titles under the series. The latest of which is Ancient Egyptians. This story available July 1st follows a Spinosaurus as it navigates a swamp full of hidden dangers.

I really enjoy Ricardo's artwork. He's one of those heavy dash- pencillers but that's just a word I made up. I'm sure there is actually some kind of term that describes this style of illustration, but I dunno what it is. I even tried to google is but couldn't come up with anything. I suppose taking art history might have been useful.. maybe... Anyway, I really like his artwork and it reminds me of the sort of stuff you would see from the Prophet series... which is currently.. on hiatus I believe. Interestingly enough Ricardo's previous experiences includes some movies. He worked on Men In Black and The Incredibles which is kinda crazy.

So this book is a wordless journey and fit for all ages. In fact, I think a lot of children will love absolutely love this because what children isn't completely fascinated with dinosaurs..okay maybe not the creationists but that's only because their parents probably said that dino's were a lie created by satan... or flat out called them demons.

Ricardo also has a pretty well kept blog which you should check out because he does post a lot of his work. Always nice to get that insider look:

For me this is a solid four stars. The only reason I didn't give it five, is because I would have preferred a little more action. Still, it's fantastic and has that rawness I like in my artwork.