Saturday, August 30, 2014

Low #2

Well this is pretty decent. I was really worried that this story was going to focus on the two parents and that would be it, but I got lucky! Remender has started in a good direction focusing on the grieving mother and thrusting the story ten years into the future. I can deal with this.

Low has proved to have a very successful start. Image just announced a second printing of issue 2 which will be made available Sept 24th. So if you didn't get a copy last Wednesday, fear not, your run will not be incomplete. 

For one issue, Remender has managed to pack a lot of information in. Once again, beautifully illustrated by Greg Tocchini. It's so whimsical and dreamy. It really does feel like images you would see under water. I should warn you that this particular comic isn't for children and does contain a number of panels depicting the passionate throws one would experience when paying for sex. You'll see but you probably shouldn't let your ten year old read it. I mean you could, but even the futurist parents of the submerged underwater dwelling would probably look down on you for it.

I thought I'd leave you with a little *SPOILER* about issue 3, Stel is going to do something no human has done in a millenia, walk on the surface of the Earth! 

Friday, August 29, 2014

Silver Surfer #5

The "tomee" jokes get me every time. Thank you Dan Slott. Although I start going off in my head about Junji Ito's Tome series. Anyway back on topic, I'm always happy after reading Silver Surfer. It's so "everyone" friendly and Dan Slott genuinely makes me giggle. He gives enough of the story in each issue to make your monthly wait worth it. Not a lot of writers can do that. To me, (hehe) it's one of the most difficult things to achieve with a monthly serial. It's such an easy series to dive into, I have been recommending the series to people of all ages who want to get into superhero comics.

This issue explains the strange happenings on Earth at the Greenwood Inn.  It becomes a bit of a Defenders reunion when Hulk and Dr Strange stop by to help solve the mystery. Namor being one of the original Defenders who didn't show up for this issue. I guess he's somewhere with the New Avengers being told what to do by Jonathan Hickman.
I think the best part of this issue, is that it wraps up the story arc nicely while paving the way for a new adventure. I like this that continue seamlessly while still ending certain events with some finality. There is a specific way I like my "monster of the week". So the story could go absolutely anywhere now!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Attack on Titan: Before the Fall #2

I wasn't 100% I was going to keep reading this because it appeared that the female character served as a plot device to merely enhance the male characters journey but I decided not to be too judgmental after one volume. Sadly I think that there is just as much fan service in this book as the first one...

I liked the whole idea of a "son of titans" plot. I despise the appearance and personality of the aristocratic Sharle. She is the subject of so much fan service with her distressing little doll act. As a noble she's used to being a pawn to be married off for her family's gain but she's also incredibly useless. They've basically made her as defenseless as possible and so she is quickly left behind the safety of the walls and left out of the story the moment her and the titans son break free of the guilded cage.

I almost want to read the next volume specifically to complain about it. Or maybe they will have a female character worth of the Attack on Titan franchise like many of the awesome female characters of the original series. I guess I'll just have to shrug it off. Good thing volume 13 of the original series is available as of yesterday!

Pop #1 by Copland & Pires

This was on my Royal Jelly list for this week. Despite not being able to walk, I was actually able to grab my Jelly from a comic book store last night! When I got home I started with this one. The cover is incredible. I love the yellow and pink. Dylan Todd did an awesome job. Artist Jason Copland named "Creator to watch for 2014" by  does a throwback to early comics. There is an incredible vintage look to his work here that is just so appealing to me. Despite being a futuristic story about growing and creating celebrity, it has a fantastic timeless quality. It's so refreshing to see something like this from Darkhorse right now.

The story begins with a run-a-way celebrity who just "hatched" you could say. She wasn't ready though and the authorities are looking for her! She luckily run into an unsuspecting male. This is all kind of typical but I think that's the point. Essentially the story makes a satire of modern pop culture, which really isn't all that hard. In a way, pop culture is already grown and cultivated by a series of lead decision makers but they don't happen to be people in test tubes. Well, not that we know of.

I think I'm most sad that this is only going to be four issues long. I really hope that Darkhorse employs Jason Copland a lot more in the future. Darkhorse, this is a really good look for you.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Alex & Ada Vol 1

I feel like I already wrote about this book but I went through my articles and didn't see anything. So I thought I'd go ahead and type something up. I ignored this series for quite sometime. Try an entire year then got a press release from Image talking about the trade paper release a earlier in the summer. They sent me a review copy of volume one and it got misplaced under all the other stuff I had to review. Well I got to it over a week ago and forgot to write about it. Honestly, when you read as much as I do in one day sometimes you forget about the books you wanted to write about.

I was surprised by this series. I really thought this would be just another Americanized version of Chobits. There's a whole new angle with this boy meets android-girl sort of love story. In this story Alex turns on Ada's ability to be sentient. He makes that choice where in other stories this was not the case. The story is written by both Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughn with Luna illustrated the entire book. The artwork isn't exactly my speed but for something this clean and crisp I actually kinda like it. It's just a little different for me to enjoy a book that looks like this.

Alex and Ada is currently running on Image Comics. You can buy volume one and then hop right into the singles. Now is a good time since issue 8 was just released and follows in perfect time behind the first trade. I however have decided that this title will be best read through trades so I will be waiting about 6 or 7 months to purchase volume 2.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Royal Jelly: Queen's Top Picks for New Release Day August 27

My top picks of this weeks releases are as follows:

Bodies #2
Pop #1
Low #2 
Saga #22

Trade Paper

Attack on Titan GN #13 

Big titles out for me this week. I am really excited about each of them. Bodies is of particular interest due to the haunting beauty of Tula Lotay's artistic contributions. She writes the story arc which takes place in the distant future and it just so happens to be my favorite era in the story. It's quite surreal which makes it just my style.

Rick Remender's Low opened with a furiously busy and large first issue. I have been dying to know which characters will be the focus of this underwater story. There is also a second printing of the variant cover for issue 1, so you can grab that on Wednesday if you missed it first time around. You should really jump on this series fast and try to keep up because I have a feeling it's going to be all action.

I don't think I have to explain my anticipation for Saga. Most of the comic reading world anticipates each single while wearing their Lying Cat tees.

Writer Curt Pires teams up with artist Jason Copland in a new action packed science fiction series being released by Darkhorse. The premise (taken from the Darkhorse site) "What if the world’s pop stars and celebrities were literally products, grown by the world’s wealthiest (and most depraved) minds—and one of them escaped?" Multiversity listed Curt Pires as "Creator to Watch in 2013" so I'm doing just that.

Finally, the much awaited 13th volume of Attack on Titan. This is the original manga, not the spin-offs. Out of all the manga I read, Attack on Titan is the most famous. Many fan know the anime over the manga, although in this case the manga came first. It isn't always the case despite popular belief.

 This isn't the largest release date for me but I am really excited to get my hands on these titles.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Dark Engine #2 *SPOILERS*

I love this cover! It's seriously another framer. Sym is quickly becoming my favorite bad-ass female icon. I desperately want to embrace my inner geek and cosplay her! I gotta find this skull...hmmmm...

This issue holds some surprise. Sym appears to travel through worlds and ages. I dunno if you want to look at it like alternate dimensions, or all taking place on one continuous timeline on Earth but Sym is moving from civilization to civilization. At the beginning of the story she's been taken by some Egyptians mistakenly as the god Ammit, Eater of Hearts. Sym doesn't stay there long though. As her body appears to die, she emerges from the innards of a horse in Norse times. Perhaps soon to be worshiped as a god yet again?

I had to poke artist Jon Bivens last night to ask some questions about where this story is going! I wondered, is Sym going to travel through all kinds of different cultures and civilizations throughout history? Cryptically he answered "Pirates... but maybe not the kind you're thinking of..." So that's all you get for future spoilers!! I wonder if Sym will visit space? hmmm.... space pirates!!!???